Aloud Music Festival (AMF2013) And Free Aloud Music Ltd Downloads

To celebrate their tenth anniversary this year Barcelona’s best loved label Aloud Music Ltd have announced the final line-up and full details of its first ever Aloud Music Festival.

Over three evenings from 7th to 9th February at Barcelona’s Sidecar Factory Club and Sala Apollo, Aloud will play host to ten very special acts, handpicked by the Aloud team. Serving as a showcase for some of Spain’s brightest and best exponents of post-rock, indie and rock ‘n’ roll music; Toundra, Lisabö, Cuzo, The Joe-K Plan and Syberia will be joined by Canterbury, UK post-rock instrumentalists Yndi Halda, Reggio Emilia shoegazers Giardini di Mirò, Norway’s awesome (and awesomely named) The Samuel Jackson Five, Belgium’s Stories From The Lost and Russia’s wonderful Powder! Go Away.

Tickets are on sale now priced 35€ which also includes a discount of 5€ for all Aloud performances throughout 2013. Day tickets are also available, more info of which can be found here

Also, in true Aloud Music Ltd tradition you can access, download and share a selection of albums from their ten-year history right here.

For more information about Aloud Music Festival (AMF2013) check out their website



A long time ago on a van journey across their native Spain, Sergio Picón, his wife Núria Ferré and a few close friends discussed the connections between their musical tastes. After talking long into the night about their favourite bands and artists, and the industry’s handling of rock and indie music in Spain they decided to form a label to accommodate all the bands they felt had something vital to say. Aloud Music Ltd was born that very evening back in 2003 and ten years on it remains, stronger than ever; limited only by the tastes of its enthusiastic founders and the dedication of those it has worked with.

For ten years the Barcelona based label has forged an inseparable bond between themselves, the artists they champion and the fans that follow their Aloud Philosophy. Flying the flag of honesty in a business infamous for trading passion for quick profit Aloud has strived to be different from the get go. In 2008 they not only embraced free downloading but actively promoted it through their website for all their back catalogue releases, making it an indispensable porthole for those interested in their history and output.

Yet Aloud Music Ltd is far from a download only label. With every release they take great care and pride in physical formats, from artwork through to limited edition vinyl releases and merchandise. Employing the ethos of labels like Dischord they have endeavoured to keep the price of vinyl and CD releases low to ensure that nobody ever pay more than is necessary to hear what makes an artist on Aloud Music Ltd so special.

Equally Aloud has continued to support the belief that children and young people under the age of 23 shouldn’t have to pay to enter concerts organised by the label wherever possible. Supporting musical education and recognising the importance of allowing people of all ages to experience music where music is best discovered it’s a philosophy that has proven popular among the next generation of future rock and indie followers in Spain. It has also given those who love Aloud the opportunity to share their views and talk long into the night about what great music means to them.

From the dream pop of Fira Fem and experimental folk of Ainara LeGardon, to the rich and vivid worlds of Exxasens and Toundra with a decade down and another on the horizon we look forward to joining Aloud Music Ltd on their journey.

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