Sheltered Life PR Welcomes BongCauldron and Superhot Records

We’re psyched to announce that we’ll soon be working for the very first time with one of our favourite labels Superhot Records on PR duties for their latest signing BongCauldron. The Leeds three piece – a monolith of nightmarish doom, oppressive riffs and  feedback – will be releasing their debut EP early next year via the St Albans based label who you will already know from their indispensable Trippy Wicked & The Cosmic Children of The Knight output. Not to mention killer releases from epic metal groups Vodun and Stubb. We’ve been waiting to partner up with label owner, producer and music maker Chris West (Trippy Wicked, Groan) for a long time now having been a longtime supporter of his music.

We’ll have more information about the release very soon but for now you’ll do well to kick back, grab a beer and check out the Superhot Session video below featuring Corky, Biscuit and Jay sludging their way through ‘Pissed Up’…

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