Heavy Instrumental Duo KHUDA Announce Release of MOLASSES CONSTRICTS THE CLINOSTAT

“Two-piece bands are hard to come across nowadays – but when they do crop up you’d expect something stripped down, something minimal. This isn’t the case with Khuda, as the duo stretch out the capabilities of their guitars and drum kit to create an explosive, atmospheric demonstration of post-rock.”
The 405

This June marks the return of instrumental post-rock duo Khuda and with it the arrival of their finest, most fully realized album Molasses Constricts The Clinostat.

The Leeds/Jyväskylä based duo have been carving out an unholy body of work since their formation in 2007; drawing on the brooding, angular influence of bands like Hella and Russian Circles and setting their sound against an imposing progressive metal backdrop. A body of work populated with astonishing, bold compositions driven by the ambition and percussive/rhythmic attack of guitarist Tom Brooke and drummer Steve Myles.

Despite the 1500 kilometre divide the separates them as individuals, together they have performed over four hundred gigs in more than thirty countries, sharing stages with the likes of Russian Circles, Mono, And So I Watch You From Afar, Torche, Caspian and Red Sparowes. It’s through these live performances that they have honed their sound into this latest offering, and without doubt it’s the closest listeners will get to experiencing Khuda live in lieu of witnessing one of their commanding shows. The dynamic opening track ‘Balduinius’ showcases their meticulous approach to both post-rock performance and production mixing swells of astral guitar work, technical drumming and ominous atmospheres, all of which hint at the progressive shape of the things to come.

Molasses Constricts The Clinostat is Khuda’s third full-length album – 2010’s Palingenesia and  2011’s Iecava were also released on Prügelprinz Records and Field Records  – and is officially released on 9th June 2014 via Prügelprinz Records.

Tom Brooke – Guitar
Steve Myles – Drums

Bandcamp – khuda.bandcamp.com
Store – khuda.bigcartel.com
Twitter – twitter.com/khudamusic
Facebook – facebook.com/khudamusic1

Stratospherics (2009) EP (Norrland Recordings)
Tallinn (2009) EP (Self released)
Pirsig (2009) EP (Self released)
Palingenesia (2010) Album. (Prügelprinz Records, Vinyl/Field Records,CD)
Iecava (2011) Album. (“Prügelprinz Records” Vinyl/”Field Records” CD)

‘Kin Hell Fest | Vox Warehouse | Leeds (UK) | 03/05/2014
Pfingstfest | JUZ | Mannheim (D) | 08/06/2014

Prügelprinz Records – pruegelprinz.blogsport.de
Prügelprinz is a small DIY label that has been helping bands out for the last 10 years.