Brighton’s Death Ape Disco sign with Ripple Music

Brighton rockers Death Ape Disco are pleased to announce that they have officially inked a deal with the California-based label Ripple Music to release a follow up to their impressive 2013 debut, Supervolcano.

Emerging victorious in the fan-voted TBFM Factor competition run by TBFM Online Radio, Death Ape Disco’s energetic, groovy Southern rock grind secured them a permanent place on Ripple Music’s growing roster. Combining earth-shattering riffs, hooks and harmonies to create skyscraper-sized, super-charged rock music, since their formation in 2010 the band has made a habit out of winning audiences over, one venue at a time, with their thumping feel-good live shows.

Along with news of the signing, the band are also delighted to reveal two new members in lead vocalist Trim (King Goat), and keyboardist/singer Ben Harris-Hayes (Enochian Theory). Make no mistake, 2015 is going to be a big year for the band, as guitarist Kit Brice explains, “The signing with Ripple Music is exciting. To be on a label with Mothership, Ape Machine, Grifter and Zed is very inspiring, especially as it’s down to the support of ours fans and friends. Thank you to everyone who voted. The new members are settling in great and we’re working flat-out to deliver something amazing.”

Death Ape Disco are currently working on twelve new songs and aiming to hit the studio this May to turn out their as yet untitled second album later in the year.