CAPTAIN CHEESEBEARD Embark on Their Very Own Cosmik Journey With Mottow Soundz

To celebrate the release of a brand-new studio EP later this year, the band’s debut album, Symphony for Auto-Horns, will be officially rereleased on 23rd August via Mottow Sounds

Stream and share video for ‘Tash & A Guitar’, featuring original Zappa cohort and session legend, Robert Martin –


Happily emerging many moons ago as a Frank Zappa tribute project, the Brussels-based decet (that’s TEN musicians, and yes, we checked) have since developed into a unique fusion ensemble. After years of respectfully interpreting Zappa and his music, bandleader, Johan De Coninck decided that the time had come for the band to explore their own virtuosity and begin writing original compositions.

Informed by the stylistic direction inherent in their previous project, the cosmik fruits of Captain Cheesebeard’s collective labour arrived in 2015 with the self-release of their debut album, Symphony for Auto-Horns. Taking it upon themselves to contribute to the global music family their impressive cache of songs portrayed the kind offree-form jazz improvisation, progressive rock, sound experimentation and lampooning of Western culture that one hopes would have made Frank smile. Songs about alcohol overindulgence (‘Coma Aroma’), gratuitous Veganism (‘March of the Fat Vegan Legion’… AHEM) and the heavy rock machismo of yesteryear, recorded with former-and-honest-to-God-actual Zappa cohort/session legend, Robert Martin. Stream and share the video for ‘Tash and A Guitar’here –

“Captain Cheesebeard embodies everything our label stands for,” explains Mottow Soundz owner, Mathias Widtskiold. “Real music, for real people. Music that lives and breathes. A rarity these days… You simply can’t pigeonhole their style. That goes especially for their brand-new The Deadwood. It was recorded live in the studio and the addition of new singer definitely takes their cosmic journey to the next level.”

On 23rd August, Mottow Soundz – Belgian rock institution and home to heavyweights such My Diligence, The Progerians and cult rockers, La Muerte – will give Symphony for Auto-Horns an official worldwide rerelease ahead of the arrival of a brand-new studio EP which’ll be out later this year.

Listen and purchase Symphony for Auto-Horns here –

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