Hardcore supergroup FAKE NAMES (Minor Threat, Bad Religion, Refused, Fugazi) to release vinyl EP on OUTER BATTERY RECORDS

It’s hard to know exactly where to begin with a band like Fake Names…

I suppose you could start with vocalist Dennis Lyxzen, who’s previous outfits include The (International) Noise Conspiracy and Swedish hardcore punk legends, The Refused. Or how about their guitarists; Minor Threat/Bad Religion’s Brian Baker, and State of Alert and Faith’s Michael Hampton? Throw in a rhythm section that counts amongst its ranks, bassist Johnny Temple (Soulside, Girls Against Boys) and guest drummer Brendan Canty (Rites of Spring, Fugazi) and you must admit, Fake Names is everything you want and more from a hardcore/punk rock supergroup.

In truth, the best place to really begin is with their EP, Fake Names. Released digitally over the summer on Epitaph Records, this January it’ll receive a full-blown, limited-edition release on underground label Outer Battery Records, with four separate colours to choose from, each with an individually designed sleeve by Dischord designer, Jason Farrell.

“I love the EP format,” explains Brian Baker. “So many of my favourite bands growing up (The Damned, The Clash, Black Flag to name a few) issued EPs between albums, and they were always special to me. They came in all shapes and sizes, and they were comprised of songs that were available nowhere else. That made me feel closer to the bands, giving me a window into what was coming next or what they did when no one was looking. The EP was recorded in this spirit.”

Featuring two storming tracks of riotous punk and saccharine rock ‘n’ roll in ‘It Will Take A Lifetime’ and ‘Running’, Fakes Names EP is an unmistakably impressive record, made by record lovers for record collectors, by a label who know how to put out great records. Which is really all you need to know.

Fake Names EP will be released on limited edition 7” vinyl on 14th January 2022. Pre-order HERE

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