Belgian heavy psych trio MY DILIGENCE to release new album on Mottow Soundz | Stream and share new song ‘Resentful’ now!

As premiered on New Noise Magazine last week, stream brand-new single ‘Resentful’ here –

Sun Rose by My Diligence will be released 25th January 2019 on Mottow Soundz and the band will host an official release party at Botanique, Brussels on 30th January –

Rising up from the streets of Brussels, My Diligence is a band that in recent years have come to transcend rock in their native Belgium with a skill and ease reminiscent of their transatlantic peers.

For fans already in the know, the progressive rock aplomb of established acts like Torche, Helmet and Elder resonate wildly in their sound. Big, bold and high in intensity, the Belgian trio deliver a non-stop, ass kicking brand of no-nonsense rock ‘n’ roll that scorches the sky, while leveling the playing field.

The success of their 2014 EP, Who Killed The Driver, along with their self-titled debut album from 2015 showcased as much, and at the same time laid down the foundations for Sun Rose, their eagerly awaited follow-up album, due for release this January on Mottow Soundz. Recorded at Studio Pyramide by producer François Vincent (Romano Nervoso, Thot), Sun Rose features a heavy mix of riffs – bigger and more bombastic than ever – interwoven with sincere lyrics and unforgettable grooves, like those found on ‘Resentful’, and capture the trio’s fresh and exciting ideas around how they feel rock should sound. As drummer Gabriel Marlier explains:

“‘Resentful’ was actually the first song we wrote when we started writing our second album. We wanted to push things forward and become heavier than ever and this song in particular signals a rebirth of My Diligence. My Diligence Mk. II. After our previous bassist’s departure we just wanted to two guitarists, one drummer and a chance to get rid of the past and focus on the future. The song is about addiction and we had no doubt about it, it had to open Sun Rose.”

Fully realised and breath-taking in its execution, Sun Rose is a remarkable take on twenty-first century rock ‘n’ roll and one that will capture the hearts and ears of those seeking more.

My Diligence’s new album, Sun Rose, will be released on Friday 25th January 2019 on Mottow Soundz and the band will host an official release party at Botanique, Brussels on Wednesday 30th January –

As premiered on New Noise Magazine last week, stream brand-new single ‘Resentful’ here –

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CRANEIUM: Finnish rockers ready for new album with Ripple Music

“Prepare for a huge slab of protometal leads, psychedelic riffs, rolling bass lines, killer melodies and grooves.”

“First, you wonder just what the hell kind of mind-altering substances have made four kids from what is apparently Finland’s Bible belt turn to the dark side in such a fashion?”

“The music ebbs and flows, turning bright and sparkling in the interplay of guitars one minute, and then earth-shaking and apocalyptic the next.”

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Craneium was formed in 2011 near Turku, in a rural village called Ostrobothnia on the Finnish bible-belt. For the people that reside there, they are probably more inclined to nod at the pages of the holy book, than the riffs of a Black Sabbath number. But as native outsiders, the band’s sole intention was to write and record the most intense rock and roll imaginable.

Eager to perform, the quintet immediately headed out on the road and into the wilderness taking in Sweden, Estonia, Denmark and Germany to play a selection of live shows, penning tunes as they went along. Building on DIY ethics and raw passion to blend crushing stoner riffs with sweet melodic passages and vocal harmonies, they soon released The Slowerdrive Tapes on cassette in 2013 and a 12″ split in 2014 with fellow Finns, 3rd Trip. At the same time however, the band were also in the process of crafting songs that would eventually make it onto their 2015 album Explore The Void, a fifty minute journey through heavy rock, fuzz and groove-laden band jams.

The band’s sound – a constant ebb and flow of many different influences – relies on the power of performance and on stage their energetic nature truly comes to life. While some might say that Explore the Void did little to reinvent the wheel, with new album The Narrow Line (due for release this December on Ripple Music) make no mistake that few bands will spin said wheel as hard and fast as Craneium at full throttle.

The Narrow Line is released worldwide 7th December 2018 on Ripple Music. Stream and share new single ‘I’m Your Demon’ exclusively via The Obelisk –

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Schizoid Noise/Doom trio WOORMS to release debut album – Slake – in January | Grab your free download of new single ‘Find a Meal, Find a Bed, Find a God’

“Offering tooth-rattling bass and some serious drum bashing […] shrouded in layers of crawling riffs, feedback and noise. Of course, it wasn’t enough to just pulverize your spine musically; lyrically, we can all relate to what WOORMS are feeling.”

“‘They ram together The Jesus Lizard, Eyehategod and Neurosis into a swampy hodgepodge full of shifting musical personalities […] This trio is heavy on cosmic weirdness.”

Formed in 2017 in Louisiana, WOORMS – featuring guitarist/vocalist Joey Carbo, bassist John Robinson, and drummer Aaron Polk – are something of a sleeping colossus. Based in Baton Rouge, the band has been delivering a devastating and brutal mélange of riffs and noise-rock righteousness on the precipice of significance for some time.

Yet despite only being a year or so into their sonic existence WOORMS has already racked up a number of releases; a collection of demos, digital one-offs (‘Daddy Was A Masker,’ ‘The Math Says, Yes’) and a split with NOLA thrashers, A Hanging. Last month, WOORMS returned with the first sanctioned cut from their debut album, Slake (which gets its official release this January) when ‘Mouth is a Wound’ scored an exclusive premiere Decibel Magazine. Fully stirred from a delirious slumber, we now have a second cut, ‘Find a Meal, Find a Bed, Find a God’ which, for all intents and purposes is the perfect introduction to the band; a lumbering, symphonic noise-rock shank fight between the fattest of riffs and the thinnest of patience with the world at large. Making for a devastatingly terse and perverse experience, from the pinnacle to the point of no return, it falls psychotically through the fuzz and unholy grind of bands like KARP, Jesus Lizard and Neurosis. Lead vocalist/guitarist Joey Carbo explains:

“Every person is a perfectly unfucked being at the outset.
The birth process takes care of all that.
This is like my ninety-ninth misanthropy song and, hopefully, it’s my best on the subject.
A fetus finds itself free of need or want; coming into consciousness in a dark and warm, red cloud.
Head down in the water.
It’s all downhill from there – as they say. And the greatest minds of any era: the artists and thinkers and titans of science, they all had a few things in common. Three, to my mind. They would need food and shelter and most of them would create or find (or be subject to) a god or group of gods.
You’ll also need a job out here. You may find it necessary to kill, to do terrifying things. All things considered, it’s a rigged game and a shit show from one end to the other.
What were you thinking?
Best you stay in there, in the water.”

Slake, the debut album by WOORMS is officially released 18th January 2019 on Hospital Record. For your free download of new song ‘Find a Meal, Find a Bed, Find a God’ head to –

Nuclear sludge duo TUSKAR return with new EP and European tour dates

“A deep sonic voyage through extreme virtuosity; like early Mastodon, The Melvins and Ufomammut.”

“Nasty two-piece. Loud and f*cking angry.”

Signed to Riff Rock Records – one of the UK’s leading purveyors of sludge, doom and stoner rock – Tuskar return exactly one year on with The Tide, Beneath, The Wall, their eagerly awaited follow-up to 2017’s earth-shattering EP, Arianrhod.

Still relatively new to the fold having only formed in 2016, for vocalist/drummer Tyler Hodges and guitarist Tom Dimmock, The Tide, Beneath, The Wall marks a significant shift in perspective for Milton Keynes’ most sulphurous “nuclear sludge” duo. Recorded at The Cro’s Nest studio by Slabdragger’s Sam Thredder, their latest EP grants a sea change in scope and sound, which, over three chapters captures punishing progressive sludge and savage, sub-world vistas. Soundscapes shaped by moments of dark brooding doom and relentlessly riff-heavy and psychedelically charged movements.

For Hodges and Dimmock the chemistry they share is unshakeable, both live and in the studio having grown up together listening to the likes of Conan, Sleep, Behemoth and Darkthrone. Still in their twenties both bring an unmistakable energy and ferocity that could potentially mark Sludge Metal’s future as forever theirs.

The Tide, Beneath, The Wall is released on 7th December 2018 on Riff Rock Records

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Stream and share opening song, ‘The Tide’ below:


30/10 – Temple of Boom (w. Fistula + Grime) // Leeds, UK
6/11 – The Dev // London, UK *
7/11 – The Ostrich Inn // Peterborough, UK *
8/11 – Rebellion // Manchester, UK *
9/11 – The Hammer & Anvil // Birmingham, UK *
10/11 – Cvltfest 2018  [Cafe-Independent] // Scunthorpe, UK
12/11 – BAR HIC // Rennes, France *
13/11 – Puzzle Pub // Tours, France *
14/11 – Le Klub // Paris, France *
30/11 – Craufurd Arms (w. Conan) // Milton Keynes, UK
16/12 –Macbeth of Hoxton (w. Telepathy + Old Man Lizard) // London, UK


More shows; but yet to be announced.

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