Exxasens Unveil Brand New Video and Artwork for Satellites

It’s been a long time coming but news has finally reached us that Exxasens, Barcelona’s finest exponents of interstellar rock are releasing their new album Satellites on 16 December 2013 here in the UK. As a follow up to 2011′s acclaimed Eleven Miles, Pretty In Noise have premiered eleven minutes of the new album on their site today and if that wasn’t enough to send you into orbit, a brand new video for ‘Rocket To The Sky’ was also released via Aloud Music Ltd’s official YouTube channel. Check it out below!

We’re Gearing Up for Sŵn Festival 2013!

This year we’ll be helping out the good folk at Sŵn Festival, and in particular the lovely Elin Rees of Elin Rees PR, with some press and photography duties in the run up to Cardiff’s biggest and best gathering of the most exciting local, national and international acts around.

Gem White, Event Manager for Sŵn Festival said, “We are really excited for Sŵn Festival 2013, which will be our 7th annual multi-venue new music festival in Cardiff. Last year’s festival was attended by over 5000 people over the 4 days and hosted over 200 live acts and DJs. So we’ve set the bar pretty high for ourselves this year!”

The festival takes place from 17th – 20th October and will be held in a number of the city’s most established live music venues, as well as a few eyeopening haunts in the form of a vintage antiques market, hotel and gothic church.

To check the full lineup for Sŵn Festival visit http://swnfest.com/lineup/ and for further details and press accreditation contact Elin Rees via her website, www.elinrees.com.

Mountain Witch – Cold River (This Charming Man Records, 28/10/13)

Mountain Witch
Cold River
This Charming Man Records
Released: 28 October 2013

“If you’re a fan of Kadavar then please meet your favourite new band.”
The Sludgelord

“If like me you were bitterly disappointed with Sabbath’s 13 and just longed for them to return to their roots and crank out something gritty, dark and fundamentally old-school then you really should pick up Cold River.”
Ride With The Devil

Initially formed as an instrumental project by guitarist Rene Sitte and drummer Rene Roggmann, after entering the studio in the summer of 2009 the Hamburg duo emerged with a recording of what would later become Mountain Witch’s debut album Scythe & Dead Horse. A sizeable slab of heavy desert rock and extended stoner jams, the ultra limited edition vinyl release that followed soon after sold out instantly, and three years on, this year’s rerelease on the German cassette only label Witches On Fire quickly followed suit.

Since then Mountain Witch has not only recruited a third member in bass player Tobert Knopp, they have returned with a more focused and ambitious sound on their follow up album Cold River. Their first release on This Charming Man Records – the Muenster based label responsible for Die Nerven, The Moth, Messer and more – while that loose and low slung spirit of Scythe… still remains, it’s strengthened by an unmistakable 70s psych rock majesty. With vintage tones and killer riffs reminiscent of early Sabbath, their new direction also takes in the boogie of Blue Cheer, ballsy strut of Deep Purple and the ambition of Pink Floyd.  A sound that doesn’t shy away from its hard rock roots and at the same time doesn’t stop long enough to rest on them.

A more structured record than anything they’ve ever laid down before, Cold River’s newest and most noticeable characteristic can be heard in the addition of Rene Roggman’s vocals and darkened lyrics. Lysergic tales spun out over haunting grooves that never stray far from the arcane acid jams that inspired them originally and can be heard here echoing across ‘Ancient Light’ and the curiously titled ‘Shrubbery The Warlock’. There’s also a distinct feeling that while the Mountain Witch of old were content to plug in and rock out, the epic guitar assaults and rhythm and doom sections of ‘Sleepers Chant’ and ‘The Covey’ give this latest incarnation a newfound purpose. One that could give the likes of Dead Meadow, Uncle Acid and former label mates Kadavar a serious run for their money.

Trading in the cosmos for the kingdom with Cold River, Mountain Witch are out for the crown… and it’s only a matter of time before they take the empire.

Mountain Witch:
Rene Roggmann – Drums / Vocals
Rene Sitte – Guitar / Vocals
Tobert Knopp – Bass

Track Listing:
1. Snakewand
2. Shrubbery The Warlock
3. Ancient Light
4. Sleepers Chant
5. The Covey
6. Once I Am King
7. School Of Night
8. Cold River

Formats: LP, CD, Download

Label Profile:
This Charming Man Records is an independent label based in Muenster, Germany that have released albums by Kadavar, The Tidal Sleep, Black Sleep Of Kali, Die Nerven, Messer and more. For more information visit thischarmingmanrecords.com

Sheltered Life PR Welcomes This Charming Man Records

We have the pleasure to announce that this week we’ll be starting work with the Muenster based label This Charming Man Records, who have been one of our favourite record labels for quite some time now. To date the label has released some inspired music from bands such Kadavar, Union Of Sleep, Messer, Modern Pets, Die Nerven, Orbit The Earth and more. From straight up psych punk and rock n’ roll through to metal, thrash and doom they really have got it all and we’re fortunate to be working with not one but two of their newest signings, The Moth and Mountain Witch. The Moth – who self-released their debut album They Fall earlier in the year – will be getting the TCM treatment with an official release on 30 September and Mountain Witch, who some of you may already know from the ultra limited Droehnhaus release (and more recently, the Witches On Fire rerelease) of Scythe & Dead Horse, who will be releasing their eagerly anticipated follow up Cold River on 28 October. We’ll have more news on both releases soon but for now check out This Charming Man Records at www.thischarmingmanrecords.com and keep your eyes and ears peeled.