Exxasens – Satellites (Aloud Music Ltd, 16/12/13)

Aloud Music Ltd
UK Release Date: 16th December 2013

“Although many have never heard of this young musician from Barcelona he is a rather unique case and no doubt about it, a talent you should know.”

“They are impressive and bright, but it’s their potential for going supernova which is most exciting.”
Metal Observer

“Beautiful unearthly melodies somewhere between post-rock and post-metal. Impossible to pinpoint but Barcelona’s Exxasens maintain a unique musical journey. A journey that leads the listener somewhere beyond the universe.”
The Miskatonic Soundlab

Originally formed as a solo project by guitarist Jordi Ruiz (Playmotive, Kyba), Barcelona’s Exxasens has become an intrepid vessel for post-rock exploration.

Taking inspiration from the study of space and particularly those who voyaged heroically into its dark heart, Ruiz set up a home studio in April 2007 to compose songs that sought to explore these matters. Uploading one song a month online as Exxasens, after a year he had amassed an army of supporters, assembled a full-length album and gained interest from the then newly formed label ConSouling Sounds who went on to release it as Polaris in May 2008.

Beyond The Universe (2009, Consouling Sounds) followed not long afterward featuring thirteen songs, each more elaborate than those found in his earlier work. Filled with an unmistakable appreciation for established rock – almost entirely instrumental in construction but always rich and complex in concept – Ruiz’s hard work caught the ear of Aloud Music Ltd and in 2011, the Barcelona label released Exxasens third album Eleven Miles to critical acclaim in Spain.

To bring us to the present but keeping one eye firmly on the future the soon to be released Satellites is by far and away Exxasens most accomplished album. Owing as much to post rock as it does progressive, it’s a concept that again seeks answers in the cosmos and does so at times to the point of total madness. (Check out their recent video for the song ‘Rocket To The Sky’ below.)

Heavily influenced by the autonomous work of Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) songs like ‘Sputnik’ and the album’s 11-minute title track are testament to Ruiz’s ability at composing multi-layered and deeply moving soundscapes. Satellites is an album filled with instrumental melodies that explode and implode violently and just like Mogwai and Explosions In The Sky they know how to turn harmony into turbulence at the drop of a riff or beat of the drum live on stage.

For the very first time heralding a new chapter in Ruiz’s journey as a musician Exxasens now function not as a one man music making machine, but as an accomplished unit. Live and on tour this collaboration with new musicians, as well as lighting and video artists has turned Satellites into an immersive experience. One that should send Exxasens into the stratosphere.

Track Listing:

1. The Launching
2. Rocket To The Sky
3. Mass of Pluto
4. Satellites
5. Sputnik
6. Arida
7. Last Song Over The Horizon
8. The Falling

Label: Aloud Music Ltd
Formats: CD, LP, Download
Web: http://www.exxasens.com

Sheltered Life PR Welcomes BongCauldron and Superhot Records

We’re psyched to announce that we’ll soon be working for the very first time with one of our favourite labels Superhot Records on PR duties for their latest signing BongCauldron. The Leeds three piece – a monolith of nightmarish doom, oppressive riffs and  feedback – will be releasing their debut EP early next year via the St Albans based label who you will already know from their indispensable Trippy Wicked & The Cosmic Children of The Knight output. Not to mention killer releases from epic metal groups Vodun and Stubb. We’ve been waiting to partner up with label owner, producer and music maker Chris West (Trippy Wicked, Groan) for a long time now having been a longtime supporter of his music.

We’ll have more information about the release very soon but for now you’ll do well to kick back, grab a beer and check out the Superhot Session video below featuring Corky, Biscuit and Jay sludging their way through ‘Pissed Up’…

Mountain Witch Stream New Album Cold River Exclusively With Terrorizer Magazine

This Charming Man Records release the brand new LP Cold River by Mountain Witch today and to celebrate we’ve teamed up with Terrorizer Magazine –  the world’s number 1 extreme music and heavy metal magazine – so you can listen to it in full, in all its magnificence. Head on over to Terrorizer.com now (or just click here) to listen to what we’ve been raving about these past few months. Below is what the guys at Terrorizer had to say about Mountain Witch…

“German doom lords Mountain Witch are streaming their upcoming new album ‘Cold River’ in its entirety, exclusively with Terrorizer.

Mountain Witch formed as an instrumental project by guitarist Rene Sitte and drummer Rene Roggmann in 2008, and has since grown into something quite marvelous indeed. With the addition of bassist Tobert Knopp, the trio have really come into their own. Their gloriously fuzzed out sound shares more than a few similarities with the likes of Uncle Acid, Kadavar and the first two Witchcraft albums, and is sure to have any serious Sabbath devotee nodding their head in delight whilst reaching for the king size rolling papers.

‘Cold River’, their second full-length, is another storming collection of vibrant ’70s indebted doom, complete with a warm, hazy guitar tone and soaring, passionate vocals that will make your neck hair stand on end, courtesy of drummer Rene Roggman. Just check out tracks like the driving ‘Ancient Light’, the lazy, rolling grooves of ‘Sleepers Chant’ or the smooth, sensual riffery of the title track if you need proof!”

Karhide – Remember Remember EP (Field Records, 2/12/13)

Remember Remember EP
Field Records
Released: 2 December 2013

“Waterfield weaves into your consciousness, single-handedly commanding your attention with each and every exploration.”
One Beat

“Tim Waterfield, ex-man of electro-weighty punx Ann Arbor, has successfully performed alchemy with the choicest cuts of Black Sabbath and Mogwai, producing something else in its thunderous glory.”
Die Shellsuit Die

“Influenced by a multitude of genres the outcome is a unique style of noisy electronic, post rock and post metal… The only solution is that I recommend you listen to it carefully.”
Echoes And Dust

Karhide, AKA Tim Waterfield, has been programming beats for as long as DJ Shadow – but where Josh Davis came from a background of hip hop culture and breakbeats, Tim’s electronic upbringing in the East Midlands was through the industrial-strength beats of Godflesh and Frontline Assembly. Cutting his teeth in the ‘Big Black-but-one-louder’ Nottingham duo Ann Arbor, Tim has been refining and distilling a long lineage of electronica and guitar music for more than a decade, reaching his purest statement of intent with Karhide, more than twenty years since he picked up his first drum machine.

His EP Remember Remember is the latest addition to Karhide’s library of motorik and self-mastered recordings. A pensive yet pounding instrumental seascape that finds Waterfield again at the helm of everything; keyboards, guitars, programmed beats… voiceless but powered by sound and vision. Opening with the heavy tumbling riffs and beautified blips of the EP’s title track, Karhide showcases his trademark guitar noise and ear for post-rock detail, seizing on the brooding and reflective powers of Mogwai and Mono. Over four tracks Karhide expose us to intricately crafted and dynamic arrangements, taking in the cinematic swoon of ‘Strings Start’ and ‘Why’ before closing with the low slung clout of ‘Case Statement’. Like this year’s Rough Sleep EP, and Arcadia before it, it’s a project that overflows with thought and textures; the machinations of one man not only with many machines but the talent to manipulate them to his choosing.

As well as performing with Karhide, Tim runs the peerless Field Records label, ploughing a similar furrow of the best fusions of math-rock, post-rock and electronica with releases from the likes of Maybeshewill, Lafaro, Alright The Captain, Upcdownc and What The Blood Revealed.

Track Listing:
1. Remember Remember
2. Strings Start
3. Why
4. Case Statement
5. Strings Start (RMX)
6. Strings Start (Sarlat Remix)
7. Strings Start (SubTric Remix)

Label: Field Records
Format: Downloadable EP
Web: http://www.field-records.com/karhiderock

Label Profile:
Field Records is a Nottingham-based independent record label featuring bands such as Ann Arbor, Karhide, Alright  The Captain, Kasper Rosa, LaFaro, Khudu, Public Relations Exercise, Princess and Maybeshewill. www.field-records.com