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Exxasens return with new album Back To Earth on Aloud Music Ltd

“Exxasens are poised to become the post-rock force they always threatened to be.”
Classic Rock Presents Prog

“Although many have never heard of this young musician from Barcelona he is a rather unique case and no doubt about it, a talent you should know.”

Originally formed as a solo project by guitarist Jordi Ruiz (Playmotive, Kyba), Exxasens take inspiration from the study of space and particularly those that have voyaged heroically into its heart of darkness. For his first release Ruiz set up a home studio in April 2007 to compose songs that sought to explore this subject. Uploading one song a month online, after a year he had amassed an army of supporters, assembled his first full-length album and gained interest from the then newly formed label ConSouling Sounds who went on to release it as Polaris in May 2008.

Beyond The Universe (2009, Consouling Sounds) followed soon after, featuring thirteen songs – each more elaborate than the last – rich and complex in concept and almost entirely instrumental in construction, Ruiz’s hard work caught the ear of Barcelona label Aloud Music Ltd in 2011 where Eleven Miles (released that same year) and 2013’s critically acclaimed Satellites turned Ruiz’s solo project into the fully-fledged band that captivates audiences worldwide today.

It’s with great anticipation that Back To Earth, the fourth and most accomplished Exxasens album arrives this September. Heavily influenced by the autonomous work of Steven Wilson and the progressive dynamics of Mogwai and 65daysofdstatic, recorded at Siete Barbas Studios it offers up a renewed vision of instrumental post-rock with the introduction of choirs, stratospheric guitar solos and electronic grooves.

It’s with tremendous pleasure that we present the first video from the band’s latest single, ‘My Hands Are Planets’ – https://youtu.be/73cCSAeGH5E – ahead of the official release of Back To Earth on 7th September 2015 through Aloud Music Ltd in Europe, the Ricco Label in Asia (Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia) and Rock-House in Russia.

Ripple Music Celebrates its Fifth Birthday with Anniversary Sampler

This month marks a very special anniversary for the California-based independent record label Ripple Music, a venture kick started exactly half a decade ago by music-lovers and avid record collectors Todd Severin and John Rancik.

“From the beginning, we wanted to run Ripple differently than other labels,” explains Severin. “The music business was already in the beginnings of a transformation and we wanted to help drive a stake through the heart of the old ‘greedy, controlling’ record label. Ripple Music has always been a true partnership between label and band, two forces working hard together to release the best heavy music we can.”

In 2007, with their feet planted firmly in the field of music journalism and a website called The Ripple Effect – set up by both Severin (a former radio DJ) and Rancik (former lead singer of San Diego punk/metal band Blind Justice) – the pair became indebted to all things rock and dedicated to uncovering what they believed at the time was quite simply, “The Best Music You’re Not Listening To.” Praised by the likes of Guitar World Magazine, as one of the top music sites around it wasn’t long before their venture grew to incorporate a record label in 2010, after they were approached by legendary proto-metallers JPT Scare Band who wanted to release several previously unheard tracks from their archives.

“I’d gotten to know JPT Scare Band, after writing a review of their compilation Sleeping Sickness. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was holding in my hands a series of fully mastered unreleased recordings by the band with the mandate to ‘put them out.’ With that not-so-gentle nudge, Ripple Music the record label was born,” says Todd.

Since the release of JPT Scare Band’s Acid Blues Is The White Man’s Burden, and a second reissue released that same year (the 1972 album Let Me In by the cult band Poobah) the label has unearthed music of the highest order by some of the scene’s best and brightest in the world of heavy rock, psych, metal, proto-metal and doom. Mos Generator, Mothership, Stubb, Iron Claw, Trucker Diablo, Grifter, White Dynomite, Leaf Hound; this year alone has already seen critically acclaimed releases from Switchblade Jesus, Geezer, Space Probe Taurus and Ape Machine, and with highly anticipated albums on the horizon from DoctoR DooM and Sweat Lodge the label is showing absolutely no signs of slowing.

“Bands retain all rights to their own music and Ripple does it’s best to get that music heard around the world,” explains Todd. “We’ve even partnered with other, like-minded labels to co-release certain albums, anything we can do to create awareness and availability for the music. A labor of love to be sure, but a love we’d feel lost without.”

To celebrate their anniversary, the label has compiled a special free 5th Anniversary Sampler, downloadable directly from their Bandcamp page for those keen on delving into the label’s history, and inspired to hear its future. Visit Ripple Music’s Bandcamp page to download the compilation in full here https://ripplemusic.bandcamp.com/album/ripple-music-5-year-anniversary-compilation

Heavy Instrumental Duo KHUDA Announce Release of MOLASSES CONSTRICTS THE CLINOSTAT

“Two-piece bands are hard to come across nowadays – but when they do crop up you’d expect something stripped down, something minimal. This isn’t the case with Khuda, as the duo stretch out the capabilities of their guitars and drum kit to create an explosive, atmospheric demonstration of post-rock.”
The 405

This June marks the return of instrumental post-rock duo Khuda and with it the arrival of their finest, most fully realized album Molasses Constricts The Clinostat.

The Leeds/Jyväskylä based duo have been carving out an unholy body of work since their formation in 2007; drawing on the brooding, angular influence of bands like Hella and Russian Circles and setting their sound against an imposing progressive metal backdrop. A body of work populated with astonishing, bold compositions driven by the ambition and percussive/rhythmic attack of guitarist Tom Brooke and drummer Steve Myles.

Despite the 1500 kilometre divide the separates them as individuals, together they have performed over four hundred gigs in more than thirty countries, sharing stages with the likes of Russian Circles, Mono, And So I Watch You From Afar, Torche, Caspian and Red Sparowes. It’s through these live performances that they have honed their sound into this latest offering, and without doubt it’s the closest listeners will get to experiencing Khuda live in lieu of witnessing one of their commanding shows. The dynamic opening track ‘Balduinius’ showcases their meticulous approach to both post-rock performance and production mixing swells of astral guitar work, technical drumming and ominous atmospheres, all of which hint at the progressive shape of the things to come.

Molasses Constricts The Clinostat is Khuda’s third full-length album – 2010’s Palingenesia and  2011’s Iecava were also released on Prügelprinz Records and Field Records  – and is officially released on 9th June 2014 via Prügelprinz Records.

Tom Brooke – Guitar
Steve Myles – Drums

Bandcamp – khuda.bandcamp.com
Store – khuda.bigcartel.com
Twitter – twitter.com/khudamusic
Facebook – facebook.com/khudamusic1

Stratospherics (2009) EP (Norrland Recordings)
Tallinn (2009) EP (Self released)
Pirsig (2009) EP (Self released)
Palingenesia (2010) Album. (Prügelprinz Records, Vinyl/Field Records,CD)
Iecava (2011) Album. (“Prügelprinz Records” Vinyl/”Field Records” CD)

‘Kin Hell Fest | Vox Warehouse | Leeds (UK) | 03/05/2014
Pfingstfest | JUZ | Mannheim (D) | 08/06/2014

Prügelprinz Records – pruegelprinz.blogsport.de
Prügelprinz is a small DIY label that has been helping bands out for the last 10 years.