“Our press and exposure has never been better than it has been since Sheltered Life PR took over for us.  Premieres on major websites, coverage in major magazine. Everything you could ask for to raise our profile.”
Todd Severin, Ripple Music

“Sheltered Life PR has remained one of the most trusted PR partners the label works with and the level of professionalism, dependability and passion have made Richard a critical partner on every project we have done together. I can always count on SLPR to deliver a comprehensive media strategy that yields results for my most important releases.”
Mike Vitali, Magnetic Eye Records

“Working with Richard has been an incredible experience overall, his passion on the music, on what he does, it definitely exceeded all our expectations. I truly believe in a world so over communicated you need a surgeon’s hand to get noticed, and Richard surely excels on getting that task done.”
EHA, Low Flying Hawks

“Sheltered Life PR has been an integral partner in our endeavours for reaching media targets that otherwise would be difficult to reach. The frequent updates and attention to detail is what keeps our label engaged with Sheltered Life for each and every release. Artificial Head Records is very proud to have Richard as part of our team.”
Paul Chavez, Artificial Head Records

“Sheltered Life planned and executed the ideal PR campaign for our first major project. From constructing an engaging press release to relentlessly pushing the album to all the important news outlets, Richard operated a highly effective campaign. I don’t think there’s anyone else in this industry with comparable drive, passion and, most importantly, the ability to get noticed. We got the results we needed and look forward to working with Sheltered Life PR again.”
Jay Ackerman, HeviSike Records

“We were very impressed by Richard’s knowledge of the music industry and how effective he was at engaging publications with our new record. He is always a pleasure to converse with and we recommend him to anyone looking to broaden the reach of their band.”
Ryan Forsythe, We Hunt Buffalo

“As a musician and as a band you’re always looking for the relevant few to work with who are relentless, reliable and most of all, has a sense for the genre and what you do. Richard at SLPR is all that, and then some. He flawlessly found the right ears for our first album with Monolord and set up one great interview after another. SLPR is a big part in giving our album Empress Rising such a great exposure and our band a flying start.”
Esben Willems, Monolord

“Richard and Sheltered Life PR are spectacular to work with and have really helped continue to build the BoneHawk brand in a more global way than we ever imagined. SLPR has really been in our corner and their hard work shows all the time. We’re incredibly fortunate to have them on our side, and we look forward to even more successes with them in the foreseeable future!”
Chad Houts, BoneHawk

“Richard (Sheltered Life PR) assisted me on press and PR for Cardiff’s Swn Festival,  which involved setting up press around the event, writing a range of press materials, dealing with enquiries from journalists both within Wales and nationally, overseeing all photography over the weekend and managing press accreditation. I was extremely impressed with the standard of his work. Not only is he a hardworking, thorough, ideas-driven and organised person but he’s also a fantastic teammate who is always positive, helpful and  has a great attitude towards any given task.”
Elin Rees, Elin Rees PR

“Working with SLPR was a great experience, they understand the music very well and got us placements that we could not get ourselves.  For all things heavy, psychedelic, and stoney use Sheltered Life PR.”
Daniel Hall, RidingEasy Records

“It’s often hard to trust in someone based so far away but we trust Sheltered Life PR unconditionally and they always make us feel close. The campaigns they’ve organised and handled for us at Aloud  have seen our bands featured in UK and international press. They are born professionals, responsible and even help us with  the translation of our copy. We are very happy with them and will have them for some time to come.”
Natalia Brovedanni, Aloud Music

“Sheltered Life are always 101% into the project. With a small label like mine I cannot affort big budgets for promotion – I like to keep things easy, simple and near by and Richard at Sheltered Life is the right guy to do that.”
Chris Weinrich, This Charming Man Records

“We enjoyed working with Richard. Not only does he work tirelessly for the bands, he additionally took the time to build a strong relationship with us that shows he takes ownership in the project and the band.”
Everyone Dies In The End

“Sheltered Life have helped us a lot with our most recent release, including creating a great press pack. We have received coverage from national magazines and been featured on blogs and websites worldwide. They also negotiated a release by a renowned label for us. They are a pleasure to deal with and their enthusiasm and professionalism comes through in their work.”
Chi Lameo, Spider Kitten

“Sheltered Life PR helped out a lot when I was recently commissioned to design and print my first limited edition screen print poster. I didn’t have a computer or internet access at the time and really needed some help in making it happen. They provided an outstanding service, including communicating with the band when I was unable to, and arranging a schedule to secure the commission. They helped organize an affordable, effective way to print the the posters and also worked on a great press pack and set up an online store for me. They are very passionate about the artists they work with and even helped to deliver the posters in person with me to the venue. It was a great experience dealing with SLPR and I look forward to future projects with them.”
Chris Hitchman, Artist