Belgian Prog Rockers Irregulars CAPTAIN CHEESEBEARD to release DEADWOOD EP on MOTTOW SOUNDZ | Watch the video for new single ‘PAN’S REDEMPTION’

“Captain Cheesebeard have studied hard at the feet of the master.” PROG MAGAZINE (UK)

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Happily emerging many moons ago as a Frank Zappa tribute project, the Brussels-based decet (that’s TEN musicians, and yes, we checked) have since developed into a unique fusion ensemble. After years of respectfully interpreting Zappa and his music, bandleader, Johan De Coninck decided that the time had come for the band to explore their own virtuosity and begin writing original compositions.

Informed by the stylistic direction inherent in their previous project, the cosmik fruits of Captain Cheesebeard’s collective labour arrived in 2015 with the self-release of their debut album, Symphony for Auto​-​Horns. Taking it upon themselves to contribute to the global music family their impressive cache of songs portrayed the kind offree-form jazz improvisation, progressive rock, sound experimentation and lampooning of Western culture that one hopes would have made Frank smile. Songs about alcohol overindulgence (‘Coma Aroma’), gratuitous Veganism (‘March of the Fat Vegan Legion’) and the heavy rock machismo of yesteryear (‘Tash and A Guitar’), recorded with former-and-honest-to-God-actual Zappa cohort/session legend, Robert Martin.

“Captain Cheesebeard embodies everything our label stands for,” explains Mottow Soundz owner, Mathias Widtskiold. “Real music, for real people. Music that lives and breathes. A rarity these days… You simply can’t pigeonhole their style. That goes especially for their brand-new Deadwood EP. It was recorded live in the studio and the addition of a new singer definitely takes their cosmic journey to the next level.”

Deadwood EP is the first release by Captain Cheesebeard to feature new vocalist and local legend Alain Louie. A collection of four tracks, bold as brass and as adventurous as anything else you’re likely to hear this year, stream and share the video for new single ‘Pan’s Redemption’ here –

Deadwood EP by Captain Cheesebeard will be released on 18th October | Pre-order now Vinyl + Digital

Rising Psychedelic Rockers DEAF RADIO Return with New Album, Modern Panic

“And now for something completely different from these Greek ‘proponents of hard rock and grievous genre assault.’ They may have a point on both counts; this new single is psychedelic but also hooky and super heavy – in manner of QOTSA getting freaky (but groovy) after a big cigarette or two. Nice.”

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Following the release of their ‘Astypalea’ single in June, Athens’s leading psych rock quartet Deaf Radio are thrilled to announce the official release of their sophomore album on 15th November via ihaveadrum.

As chief proponents of hard rock and grievous genre assault, ever since the release of their debut album in 2017, the band has been hailed by many as one of the most exciting alt-rock bands to emerge from Greece in recent memory. With Alarm garnering thousands of streams online and gaining ecstatic praise from sell-out crowds when performed live across Europe, expectation are high for the release of Modern Panic; a sprawling, exhilarating and breathtaking record that promises to leave no ear unturned:

“Modern Panic isn’t just Alarm’s successor,” explains guitarist, Panos Gklinos. “It’s a record through which we redefine the band’s identity. Composing it felt like looking at a mirror, suddenly noticing something is changed and then embracing it. Musically there are moments where raw and powerful elements come to surface and others in which we our reveal darker shades. Written between London, New York, Athens and Crete, the changes in the mood of the record are ferocious, while lyrically it reflects on modern society’s issues such as lonerism, homophobia, racism, drug use and social media addiction.”

Having shared bills with the likes of The Killers, All Them Witches, 1000mods and The Kills while touring in 2017 and 2018, Deaf Radio honed the sound and feel of these new songs on the road, live and in-person with thousands of fans in over thirty different cities across Europe. An endeavour which opened the band up to the most perfect proving grounds for testing new material, when seeking to make that perfect next record.

“There’s no doubt that Alarm‘s success set the bar high, but in reality, once you put a record out there it’s all out of your control. People can resonate to it and give it a whole new meaning. It’s a chess game, we made our move, now we can’t wait to see how people react and how they will experience Modern Panic.”

Due for worldwide release on 15th November 2019 on ihaveadrum, Deaf Radio’s Modern Panic can be pre-ordered here –

Listen once again to ‘Astypalea’ here –

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CRACKED MACHINE sign to KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ: Psychedelic post-rock revellers to release third album in 2020

“Suffice to say, it is an album of breathless intensity, and highly recommended for all lovers of psych and instrumental rock.” ECHOES AND DUST

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Originally formed in Wiltshire in 2015 by guitarist Bill Denton, Cracked Machine is a quartet of experienced musicians brought together in a quest for aural mayhem.

Known for their commanding live shows, since their formation the band has shared stages with the likes of The Spacelords, Deaf Radio and Qujaku. Following the release of their debut album, I, Cosmonaut, the band wasted no time in releasing an exceptional follow-up last April. Featuring hook-laden guitars that conjured soaring post-rock vistas, The Call of the Void (PsyKa Records) presented a huge progression in the band’s song writing and showcased a leaner, meaner, and ultimately, heavier sounding machine.

With the band currently writing and discussing new concepts, the quartet will enter Mooncalf Studios in November and join forces with the Berlin-based label Kozmik Artifactz (Forming the Void, Spaceslug, Ruby The Hatchet et al) to release their third full-length in early 2020, with the final mix and master being handled by Mos Generator/Stone Axe’s Tony Reed.

“Things are taking shape nicely,” explains Denton. “We have a concept, plenty of musical ideas and a lot of focus. Our writing process has evolved naturally and we’ve fallen into a more disciplined approach to writing. The structure of how we are working has actually given us a greater freedom to explore and develop ideas so there’s a very healthy level of intensity and focus in the Cracked Machine camp at the moment. We’re all super-keen to deliver the best album we can.”

The Call of the Void is available on CD / VINYL

Former Pentagram/Internal Void guitarist KELLY CARMICHAEL to release third album

“The classic sensibility practically bleeds from the speakers of Kelly Carmichael‘s new solo album – It’s a return to form because it’s heavy, it’s something new because it’s a different take on heavy, and it’s something old because that take on heavy is based in large part on the formative period of the style.”

This October will see the official worldwide release of Heavy Heart, the third solo album from former Pentagram guitarist and Internal Void lynchpin, Kelly Carmichael.

Originally hailing from Frederick, Maryland, Carmichael – who now writes, records and resides in Shepherdstown, West Virginia – first formed the cult quartet back in 1987 with friends Eric Little, Adam Heinzmann and J.D. Williams. Releasing their debut album Standing on the Sun in 1992, Internal Void’s second offering, Unearthed, was subsequently released on Greg Anderson’s much-celebrated Southern Lord Recordings (2000). While serving as Internal Void’s lone guitarist, in 2004 Carmichael also recorded with the legendary Pentagram for their sixth studio album, Show ‘Em How, before closing out a thrilling trilogy of Internal Void albums with Matricide later that year, released on his own label, Dogstreet Records.

Fast forward to 2019 and Carmichael returns, not only sporting a stunning new album but a playing style to galvanise the riffs locked within:

“I hope the listener can appreciate the more colourful aspects throughout this record, but mostly I hope they’ll find it pleasingly heavy,” notes Carmichael. “The inception of Heavy Heart began with the ‘dream-inspired’ song ‘Shadows Will’. After this dream while still in bed I had the intro and the first verse written. While not at all fitting with the current batch of songs I was working on, I decided to write an entire album around it.”

Influenced as much by the delicate intricacies of King Crimson as it is the iron first of Black Sabbath, Heavy Heart and new single ‘Shadows Will’, matches the spirt of 70s hard-rock with the doom and fury of proto-metal, to transcend those traditional dimensions which have come to shape our contemporaryview of voluminous music. Imbedded with deep-rooted blues and interwoven with the classical accompaniments of piano and violin, it successfully brings together every aspect of Carmichael’s playing and proficiencies as a songwriter. Taking in the heady days of Internal Void, his experiences of playing alongside venerated masters, and even a period in his career where Carmichael recorded two albums of pre-war era Delta/Chicago blues (Robert Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt, Son House, Blind Blake) on Old Stock (2005) and Queen Fareena (2008), with Jean-Paul Gaster of Clutch on drums.

Featuring friend and percussionist Jesse Shultzaberger (The Woodshedders, Ginada Piñata, former-Deep Swell) on drums and a host of guest musicians, Heavy Heart by Kelly Carmichael is officially released worldwide on 11th October 2019 through Dogstreet Records and will be distributed by Plastic Head Distribution (Europe)/Alliance Entertainment (USA).

Pre-order the album now at

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Stream and share new single ‘Shadows Will’ here and via the player below –