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Santa Rita – High On The Seas (Aloud Music Ltd, 03/06/13)

Santa Rita
High On The Seas
Aloud Music Ltd
UK Release Date: 3 June 2013

“The essence of this band can be found in their influences of grunge, progressive and space rock. All plunged into melodies and choruses of shipwrecked sirens.”
El Mundo de Tulsa

“The surprise of the night was Barcelona band Santa Rita who demonstrated a seriousness, talent and aggressiveness beyond the point of innocence.”
Final de Trajecte

“These girls are going to make a lot of noise this year.”
This Is Underground

Santa Rita
is a band of sisters, if not by blood then certainly by bond.

Together now for close on five years their journey from Barcelona’s best kept secret to one of the city’s must see bands was bolstered back in 2011 with the release of their debut EP Santa Rita. A storming and stormy rock ’n’ roll riot of guitars and harried drums, wracked emotions and raucous onslaughts of noise. Taking their cue from some of rock’s more clandestine corners with groups such as Sleater-Kinney, Babes In Toyland, Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her, Bangs, The Pillows, and Nirvana, recorded by Sergio Picón it plotted a triumphant course for this, their first full length long player High On The Seas.

The band has never sounded more together than they do right here, best exemplified on opener ‘Báltico’; a building exchange of tune and tirade. A formula that runs throughout the album with quiet contemplations on love and life (‘Mar Muerto’, ‘Necochea’) broken up with heavy and passionate chorus.

High On The Seas is the sound of Natalia Brovedanni (guitar/vocals), Martha Wood (bass/vocals, Ceci Su (lead vocals) and Laura Oliveras (drums) in their element. Produced by Santi Garcia (Toundra, Daniel Higgs, Tokyo Sex Destruction) and mastered by Victor Garcia at Ultramarinos the band remain as aggressive as ever but have recorded an album of unquestionable maturity, and fun. Locked into a schedule of relentless rehearsals and writing sessions – which tested both their personal friendships and musical talents – this is a more complete sound honed from their energetic live shows. The sound of four sirens taking shore leave to plug in, tune up and make waves.

With the album already released in their native Spain, High On The Seas gets an official UK release on 3rd June and will cap a tremendous year that has seen the band pick up fans across Europe and appear at last year’s Primavera Sound.

Santa Rita:

Natalia Brovedanni (guitar/vocals)
Martha Wood (bass/vocals)
Ceci Diaz (lead vocals)
Laura Oliveras (drums)

Track Listing:
1. Báltico
2. Necochea
3. Cantábrico
4. Mar Muerto
5. Cap de Creus
6. Fidji
7. Adriático
8. Pacífico
9. Fisterre

Label: Aloud Music Ltd
Formats: CD, LP, Download

Spider Kitten – Cougar Club (Rugland Records, 14/01/12)

Spider Kitten

Spider Kitten
Cougar Club
Rugland Records
UK Release Date: 14 January 2013

“Fucking A-MAZING! Acid Bath playing Melvins and Nirvana Bleach-era covers.”
Andi Morris, Desecration

“Heavier than giving Satan a piggy back up a steep hill on a very, very hot day.”
Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales

“Spider Kitten’s doomy rumblings shake the foundations, affirming their growing reverence.”
Noel Gardner, Buzz Magazine

“It’s dark, it’s eerie, the bass line is wonderfully low, it’s bordering industrial and it’s nothing like I’ve quite heard before from any Welsh band.”
Soundscape Magazine

There are some bands whose sound requires less of a description and more of a comprehensive lab test, and Newport’s influential Spider Kitten is most definitely one such band.

Originally formed as a duo (sans drummer) back in 2001 by founding members Chi Lameo (vocals, guitar) and Ptew (effects) it didn’t take long for the band to acquire an audience, and with it a cult reverence that over a decade on continues to stretch far beyond the South Wales doom scene.

Destroying PA systems and lysergically lacing drone metal with onstage visual projections in support of groups such as Taint, Firebird and Suns of Thunder, since their 2003 debut _LP (Underscore) Spider Kitten have put out a prolific number of recordings. From demos, EPs and split singles to full-length albums most have either been given away or shared around freely thanks to the band’s furious DIY ethic and an ethos that is as raw now as it’s ever been.

Through their frightening prolificacy they have amassed a back catalogue that swallows styles from proto-grunge and heavy psychedelia, to doom and industrial noise. All drowned in the influence of artists as diverse as Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Leonard Cohen, Pink Floyd, The Melvins and the dirtiest miscellany of Sub Pop’s early output.

Spider Kitten have expanded their line-up in recent times to include respected noise merchants Chris West (ex-Taint) on drums, Rob Davies on guitar and Al White on bass, and their latest album Cougar Club is not just a product of their now veteran status but a culmination of eleven years of experimentation. From the opening eerie swell and crushing grind of ‘Twin Obscenities’ to the classic motoric rock groove of ‘Burdened’ and the doomy 70s progressive closer of its title track, this is without question Spider Kitten’s most complete and ambitious recording to date. A total blast for everyone who has waited for it, a reminder to those that might have forgotten, and the biggest kick in the head to those who are yet to hear how awesome they are and have been for a long time.

Spider Kitten:
Chi Lameo – Vocals, guitar,synth
Al White – Bass, vocals
Chris West – Drums, vocals
Rob Davies – Guitar

Track Listing:
1. Twin Obscenities
2. Burdened
3. Dark World
4. Time Takes it Toll
5. Cougar Club

Label: Rugland Records
Formats: CD, Download

Recorded at Whitehouse, Weston-Super-Mare and Das Ghetto, Cardiff
Engineered by Martin Nichols
Produced by Chi Lameo
Mastered by Latch
Artwork by Al

Live Dates:
1.12.12 – Loserpalooza Fest with Atomck, The Witches Drum, Thorun, Zinc Bukowski and Recluse at Buffalo Bar, CARDIFF

Toundra – (III) (Aloud Music Ltd, 22/10/12)

Aloud Music Ltd
UK Release Date: 22 October 2012

“Toundra staged one of the best shows of the first day. Their metallic post rock took attendees by surprise, and their decibel instrumental carousel literally hypnotized us.”

“Second assault of Toundra. They started with the post-metal instrumental standard (the footsteps of Isis, Pelican or Russian Circles are evident) and gave to these songs an enviable personality.”
Staff Magazine

“Their attacks are furious thunderstorms that open to clear up. More ruthless than Explosions in the Sky and more expeditious than Mogwai.”
El Pais

Two years on from the release of their critically acclaimed album II, Spain’s finest instrumental post-rock group Toundra return to the progressive fold with (III); an epic, brutal and beautiful new chapter in their career.

Their second release on Barcelona’s Aloud Music Ltd and third full-length album since their formation in 2007, over the past five years Toundra have released music on labels in their native Spain, as well as labels in France (Basement Apes Industries), Germany and Brazil (Criminal Attack Records). Recorded with Carlos Santos (Ictus, Adrift, Aathma, Another Kind of Death) at Sandman Studios in their hometown of Madrid over six complex and uncompromising tracks they create music to move mountains.

Opener ‘Ara Caeli’ sets out its stall and encapsulates exactly what the band has been about since day one. Pioneering grand and striking song structures with ideas behind each that explore issues surrounding life and death, they chip away at melodic post-rock landscapes instantly comparable to Mogwai or Pelican, but under the surface (III) incorporates elements of more traditional influence. Their appreciation of classic rock groups such as Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin shine through (check out the heavy folk and swirling string sections of ‘Requiem’) and can be heard all over (III), interwoven into the progressive post-metal of ‘Cielo Negro’ and ‘Marte’ this is Toundra at their most impressive. A total musical force.

To date the band has already appeared at festivals including BAM 2010, Primavera Sound, DCode, Resurrection Fest and Costa de Fuego (Benicassim) and this September they take to the road in support of (III) with a full European Tour.

Track Listing:
1. Ara Caeli
2. Cielo Negro
3. Requiem
4. Marte
5. Lilim
6. Espirita

Label: Aloud Music Ltd
Formats: CD, LP, Download

Tour Dates:
20.09.12 – Metz, Zikametz Festival, FRANCE
22.09.12 – Solingen, Pretty In Noise Festival, GERMANY
23.09.12 – Düsseldorf, Session, GERMANY
24.09.12 – Berlin, Schokoladen, GERMANY
25.09.12 – Chemnitz, AJZ, GERMANY
26.09.12 – Winterthur, Gaswerk, SWITZERLAND
28.09.12 – Thun, Mokka, SWITZERLAND
29.09.12 – Bordeaux, Les Lectures Aléatoires, FRANCE

The Witches Drum – Future Kings Of An Empty Throne (Levitation Records, 19/08/12)

The Witches Drum
Future Kings Of An Empty Throne
Levitation Records
UK Release Date: 19 August 2012

“While the songs are nuanced with many incredible layers of style and delivery, they will at any time come right out and slap you upside the head with sledgehammer blows and flamethrower fireballs.”
Heavy Planet

“The Witches Drum play elephantine psych into your soul!”
The Joy Collective

“Christ this is ace! A proper fucked up Deep Purple. Or Sabbath via the Stooges. The Cardiacs possessed by the spirit of The Sonics.”
Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales

“These are tracks that waver violently back and forth between echoey, spaced out psychedelic noodlings and head bludgeoning riff/drum combos, each fit to propel a Viking war boat to Valhalla itself.”
Miniature Music Press

Since their formation in 2009, Cardiff band The Witches Drum – vocals (Matt Fry) guitar (Joel Mccauley), guitar (Mike Lancaster), bass (Owen Griffiths) and drums (Stephen Jones) – have fast become the Heavy Rock Spectacular for diehard followers of psychedelic noise.

Having threatened to release an EP for some time, Future Kings Of An Empty Throne is the group’s first official release on the band’s own imprint Levitation Records. Recorded by Fudge Wilson (Exit International) at Sound Space Studios, over four tracks the band swallow influences and choke alchemy out of crowd rousing concoctions. From Beefheartian barks (‘Watch The Freaks Lose It’), tripped out San Fran jams (‘Filthy Closets’) and chugging Led Zep rock it’s a heady mix of ’73 era British blues and West Coast stoner doom with a heavy nod at the likes of Kyuss, Big Chief and Monster Magnet. Primordial, loud and the aural embodiment of sleazy rock ‘n’ roll.

As anyone who has witnessed their frenzied shows will testify, their reputation precedes them. A regular fixture on the local South Wales scene playing live alongside the likes of Thorun, Spider Kitten and Zinc Bukowski, front man Matt Fry’s glowering reptilian presence and the group’s embrace of long forgotten sounds (think Blue Cheer, Sir Lord Baltimore, Josefus et al) is truly something to behold. Like a crazed collision of Arthur Brown theatrics and weighty Electric Wizard vibrations, they’ve electrified gig goers with big riffs and unforgettable shows. Most memorably at Cardiff’s annual Sŵn Festival, with a storming set and weekend closer.

Track Listing:

1. Watch The Freaks Lose It
2. Filthy Closets
3. Fishin’ For Ships
4. Climb Aboard The Bus Of Devotion

Label: Levitation Records
Formats: CD, Download

Live Dates:
4.08.12 – 15 Die A Day – Music Beats Mines Campaign; The Moon, CARDIFF
29.08.12 – With Karma To Burn and Desert Storm at The Moon, CARDIFF
26.09.12 – With Molly The Odd, Area 51, Moriaty at The Fleece, BRISTOL
27.10.12 – With Steak and Ironbird at The Moon, CARDIFF
3.11.12 – With Desert Storm, Diesel King and Komrad at The Wheatsheaf, OXFORD
17.11.12 – Levitation Vs. The Crowbar with Tribazik, Zinc Bukowski, AOS3 and The Death Of Her Money at The Globe, CARDIFF
1.12.12 – Loserpalooza Fest with Atomck, Spider Kitten, Thorun, Zinc Bukowski and Recluse at Buffalo Bar, CARDIFF

More praise for The Witches Drum:

“I’ve only just heard their brand new EP, which is called Future Kings of An Empty Throne. And it’s magnificent in its darkness and although it’s not doing anything new it’s doing it with such conviction and spirit who cares about newness!”
Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales

“This salacious set of psych-rock tracks is genuinely rather brilliant. ‘Stop (Giving Me Hell)’ has the ’70s riffage of Free alongside spacious wig outs and gravelly vocals. Get Down’s tribal whooping compliments the underlying swamp-rock instrumentation. However, it’s in the longer, Grateful Dead inspired free-form tracks such as ‘Incompatible’, ‘Lost In The Wilderness’ and ‘Tunnel Of Hitchcock’ where the band excels. Lilting between drifting, dreamy soundscapes and harsher guitar-fed moments of energy. We want more.”
Miniature Music Press

“Raging against the dying of the light. Terrified of Monday morning, The Witches Drum front man is resplendent in green face paint and marigolds, like Alice Cooper as a 70s, Saturday afternoon wrestler. It makes no sense. It’s the perfect end.”
James W Roberts, BBC Wales Music

“Although the group have an obvious love for all manner of indulgent ensembles extant between the first Jefferson Airplane album and the fall of Saigon, at times they recall bands from the ’90s sucking on the ’70s: Big Chief (‘Filthy Closets’), Clutch (‘Fishin’ For Ships’) and on the opening song, Monster Magnet. None of these recollections are at all bad things.”
Noel Gardner, Buzz Magazine

“One of the only new acts in South Wales to fully embrace the immense legend of Blue Cheer, forgotten Houston legends Josefus, Electric Wizard, and even The Doors, there was no finer and surreal way to end Swn festival. Lead singer Matt Fry’s Crazy World of Arthur Brown getup; a glittering, glowering reptile pirate channelled via the spirit of Jim Morrison led a spellbinding master class and ensemble of bass, pounding drums and Kyuss guitars.”
Beats Per Minute