Sheltered Life PR Welcomes Aloud Music Ltd

Having followed their efforts closely for almost two years we are extremely pleased to announce that over the coming months we will be working with Barcelona’s Aloud Music Ltd on two new album releases.

We will be helping Aloud with UK press for Toundra’s eagerly anticipated (III) and Fira Fem’s fantastic Aedificatoria.

Hailing from Madrid Toundra first came to our attention back in 2011 when we witnessed their storming set at Primavera Sound and watched them emerge as one of the festival’s most talked about acts. As the title suggests this will be their third album (although second on Aloud Music Ltd) and will end a two-year wait from 2010’s critically acclaimed II. An album that many consider to be one of Spain’s most essential instrumental post-rock albums and a record that riffs into realms occupied by Hydra Head heroes like as Pelican and Cave In, while remaining true to the likes of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. Make no mistake, Toundra are about as progressive as they come and if you dig the sweeping post-rock highs of Mogwai and crushing blows of Isis then (III) will suitably  slay you.

Toundra 1

The second release we can’t wait to get our ears around comes from another top Madrid band named Fira Fem who have already made something of a name for themselves on their native soil. Their debut album Aedificatoria promises to be a futuristic psych-pop gem awash with summery psychedelia and electronic curiosity and a record that will ride high on the success of two EPs – their self released Old Man Jacket (2011) and Mascot Human Disco (2010) on the Mine All Mine label. Expect plenty of lo-fi indie guitar exchanges, haphazard samples and dreamy lyrics on one of the more intriguing records you’ll hear to this year. Fans of Sebadoh and Super Furry Animals will do well to tune in.