Space Chaser – Watch The Skies (This Charming Man Records, 05/05/14)

This May sees the release of Space Chaser’s highly anticipated debut album Watch The Skies via the Muenster based record label This Charming Man Records.

Formed in 2011 through a shared appreciation of Anthrax, Metallica and Agent Steel – along with a liking for hi-top sneakers, skateboards, zombies and cheap booze – the Berlin based quintet have since built an impressive following around their no nonsense approach to banging heads, necking bottles and starting parties in the dearth of good parties. As witnessed earlier this month when the band took their wares to the world with an exclusive video premiere of ‘Wastecrawler’ on Terrorizer.

Now a staple of Germany’s tight knit thrash scene the band originally came to the attention of This Charming Man Records who included ‘Thrashold’ on their This Charming Man Radio Distortion Broadcast compilation.

Their debut album Watch The Skies incorporates two rerecorded songs from last year’s Decapitron EP (the EP title track and now LP title track ‘Watch The Skies’), ‘Thrashold’ and seven brand new tracks. Every pinched harmonic a winner for fans of the genre whether the band is keeping the tradition alive or just doing their own thing is anyone’s guess but one thing is for sure, Space Chaser are far from being your average Germanic/Teutonic thrash metal throwback. Produced by Harris Johns (Sepultura, Sodom) this is a record that oozes a snotty charisma and one that is packed with hook after hook of amphetamine-fuelled anarchy. It’s a record about alien invasions, hazardous waste and modern day maschinenmenschs rolled out against a backdrop of excellent riffs, rhythmic guitar duels, wailing vocals and chemically peddled drum fills.

Fans of Destruction, DRI, Tankard, Exodus and Overkill will do well to listen up. Make no mistake, Space Chaser are out to tear fair-weather metallers a new one so get on side or get out of their way. Watch The Skies will be released in the UK on 5th May 2014, and throughout the rest of Europe on 12th April.

Space Chaser:
Siegfried Rudzynski – Vocals
Sebastian Kerlikowski – Bass, Vocals
Matthias Scheuerer – Drums
Martin Hochsattel – Lead Guitar
Leo Schacht – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Track listing:
1. Interstellar Overloads (3:30)
2. Loaded To The Top
3. Watch The Skies
4. Saucer Attack
5. Waster Crawler
6. Space Chaser
8. Predator
10. Undead Revenge

Label: This Charming Man Records
Formats:  LP/Digital/CD

This Charming Man Records:
This Charming Man Records is an independent label based in Muenster, Germany that has released albums by Kadavar, The Tidal Sleep, Mountain Witch, Die Nerven, Messer and more. For more information visit

Instagram – @thischarmingmanrecords