Australian noise rock/power duo DEAD return with new album

DEAD’s new album is predictably not what everyone expected it to be.

Hailing from the Australian city of Castlemaine the noise rock duo return in 2017 with the third instalment in their five LP series The Trilogy and an album that heads in an entirely different direction to last year’s Untitle.

We Won’t Let You Sleep.

But have DEAD finally made a radio friendly record? It’s as if fans are being rewarded for sticking with the band’s musical detours thus far. Although it’s also become increasingly clear that these detours are an essential part of the DEAD story and what is “normal” is difficult to pinpoint.

The potent energy the band is known for on stage is present here, followers of the band’s live shows will recognise much of the material. Kevin Rutmanis (Cows/Melvins/Hepa.Titus) guests on a third of the record adding slide bass parts delivered in a style that is unmistakably his. The band chose to collaborate with Kevin due mainly to his 100% Aussie first name, making it easy to add him into the mix.

Working for the third time with engineer Toshi Kasai (Melvins, Helmet, Big Business) on the dials, We Won’t Let You Sleep was recorded and produced at Sound of Sirens Studios in LA either side of a recent US tour. Toshi also guested on guitar, keys and vocals across the album – completing most of his parts while yelling at baseball coverage on the telly.

Previously released and sold out as a limited edition cassette toward the end of last year through Brisbane-based Haemorrehage Records, We Won’t Let You Sleep will be available on all remaining formats on 28th April 2017 through the band’s own imprint, We Empty Rooms. The first taste of the album can be sampled via the track ‘Chartreuse Blew’, which is homage to cult Minneapolis band and sometimes-touring buddies Vaz: