“Offices, Orifices and Experimental Nonsenses…” /// Watch the Bonkers New Video for ‘RAY’S DANCING MAZE’ by THEM MOOSE RUSH

Hailing from the city of Bjelovar in Croatia, Them Moose Rush are a rock band unlike any other. Working in a genre fuelled by pomp and circumstance the Eastern European trio have always done things for themselves, and in doing so, done said things inimitably.

Combining vintage vibes with math-rock, prog and unusual time signatures their approach to making music explodes with innovation. From directing their own videos, hiding cyphers in songs (Morse code for keyboards, anyone?) and simply rocking harder and faster than everyone else, Them Moose Rush return with their first offering since 2018’s critically acclaimed, Don’t Pick Your Noise. As Prog magazine pointed out, “One minute they’re Jeff Buckley jamming with The Cardiacs, next they’re Jane’s Addiction fighting King Crimson…”

“All of the songs on our new record are titled with names of our heroes dancing through a conceptual maze where every one of them has a unique path and goal to reach,” explains guitarist/vocalist, Nikola Runjavec. “Some of them are famous, but it just sounded weird and fun. For example, Dolly Parton is shaving her monkeys in one of our songs. It’s really a cool scene if you just try and imagine it.”

Dancing Maze by Them Moose Rush is out now on Dostava Zvuka and can be ordered here – https://themmooserush.bandcamp.com

“Dancing Maze emerges as a multi-textured tapestry which is difficult to define, but bloody fun to listen to.”

“After more than two years of waiting, Dancing Maze does not disappoint. Them Moose Rush deftly display their stellar musical skills and their consistently bizarre sense of humor to lovely effect. This is a band at the top of its game.”

“They’re closer to math rock bands like Tera Melos, or maybe a jammy version of Foxy Shazam. I literally have one job here, which is describing bands in short bursts, and I always appreciate a band that makes that job hard for me. Them Moose Rush are once again one of those bands.”

“This whimsical Croatian three-piece inhabit a realm where prog’s familiar elements are twisted and amplified into compositions of grand psychedelic design […] here’s a lot to unpack here but stick with it. The rewards are huge,”

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