Post-Metal Collective NOVARUPTA’s Immersive New Album MARINE SNOW Now Available on CD /// Pre-order via SUICIDE RECORDS

Formed in 2018 from the pyres of time spent in Swedish post-metal outfit The Moth Gatherer, Alex Stjernfeldt’s Novarupta has gone on to envelop almost every corner of Sweden’s underground rock and metal community.

Named after one of the largest volcanic eruptions of the 20th Century, Novarupta rejoined with Suicide Records last November for the release of Marine Snow; the second instalment in a series of four albums that conceptually focuses on the elemental forces of Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

Heralding a journey of musical catharsis, the album effortlessly took the torch from Stjernfeldt’s acclaimed debut, Disillusioned Fire (2018); emerging from a passage of fire onto the ocean floor below, immersing listeners in a sea of blackened sludge, progressive metal and monochromatic psychedelia. Pressurising the senses with bottomless riffs and sublime vocals from a distinguished cast of vocalists including the likes of Josh Graham (Red Sparowes/A Storm of Light), Lea Amling (Besvärjelsen), Robert Lamu (Skraeckoedlan), Mike Paparo (Inter Arma), Arvid Hällagård (Greenleaf) and Martin Persner (Ghost/Magna Carta Cartel).

As well as being released on vinyl, Marine Snow has this month received an official limited edition CD release with alternative artwork, which can be pre-ordered directly from Suicide Records here.

“It’s a stunning conclusion to a laudably idiosyncratic detour from the usual post-metal path. NOVRUPTA are making fascinating, emotionally potent music here. Long may it continue.” BLABBERMOUTH

“Marine Snow is a magnificent achievement and a wonderful post-metal album which stands with the finest in the genre.” ECHOES AND DUST

“The music pounds, seethes, and rings in the rhythm of spurting blood from an opened vein.” NO CLEAN SINGING

“What Stjernfeldt has accomplished with Novarupta on Marine Snow can only be described as a masterpiece of its genre.” INVICTA MAGAZINE

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