Nordic Doom Giants JOINTHUGGER Announce First of Two Releases This Year with MAJESTIC MOUNTAIN RECORDS

Reaper Season by Jointhugger will be released on 2nd April with pre-orders open on 19th February via Majestic Mountain Records –

Formed in 2012 amidst the Norwegian fjords, Jointhugger are an explosive trio that bring to mind the atmospheric and cosmic doom of rock colossi like Shrinebuilder, Sleep and YOB.

Having first come to the attention of Majestic Mountain Records (Saint Karloff, Electric Hydra, Draken) following the release of their debut, I Am No One in 2020, an unhallowed union was quickly established to herald the arrival of not one, but two new releases in 2021.

The first – entitled Reaper Season – is out this April as a single-track EP that finds the Nordic doomsmen drilling deep into the realms of ego-death, and the Angel of Darkness’s role in the slow decay of the modern world.

“The song is a commentary about the struggle of fitting into the machinations of a humanity that has lost its way,” explains the band.

“The world seems to be crumbling in front of our very eyes right now. Satan as our inner animal or ‘beast’ becomes a metaphor for the most natural part of us that’s unhindered by what’s taught by society, the patriarchy, and religion. Inner light, true freedom and self-reliance; these intrinsic human traits seem to have been vilified, kept in check by a system run by fear mongers, warlords and men in suits.”

Over eighteen minutes, like watchers of creation the trio reflect on the world through a heady doom rock assault that lays waste to the turbulence of dominion. Reaper Season is simply indispensable, and upon the wings of Jointhugger’s crushing heaviness descends a deeply evocative and menacing harbinger of things to come.

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