NOVARUPTA Shares Brand-New Single ‘Wear You Down’ /// Announces the Release of New Album CARRION MOVEMENTS

Following the news of Novarupta’s impending return with the release of their new album this December, the progressive post-metal collective is thrilled to share brand-new digital single ‘Wear You Down’ via Suicide Records.

Whether or not this track will eventually make it onto their third instalment of immersive elemental metal, even we aren’t sure. But one thing is for certain. It’s impossible to extinguish the flames of creativity when that creator is Alex Stjernfeldt; faithful servant, caretaker and conductor of one of Sweden’s most fascinating underground projects. As he best explains:

“Each step forward is a step into the unknown. Roots of life spiral all around you and show you paths of the past and future roads not yet explored. You don’t know your own journey and know even less about other people’s. What you can do to push forward is surround yourself with people that lift you up into the stratosphere of vast worlds. ‘Wear You Down’ is a celebration of the past, of the future, of the unknown, of friendship.”

Featuring cover artwork by Arjen Kunnen and ushering Fred Burman (Satan Takes a Holiday) into the Novarupta Universe, ‘Wear You Down’ is available to stream/download now at Bandcamp | Spotify

Click here for more news about the release of Carrion Movements by Novarupta.

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Artwork by Arjen Kunnen