“Rainbow in the Dark” Sheltered Life PR at Viva Sounds 2021, Gothenburg

If you’re in Gothenburg this weekend come and say hello, as Sheltered Life PR founder Richard S Jones, will be taking part in a panel discussion titled Rainbow in the Dark at Viva Sounds 2021. Alongside Scorched Tundra’s Alexi Front and Maja Sofic, from the city’s leading hard rock/metal venue, The Abyss, the trio will be discussing the shape of all things metal to come, and answering questions about the past, present and future of the industry. Find out more here.

Bristol, England
Sheltered Life PR
Richard is the Head of Publicity and founder of the UK-based PR service, Sheltered Life. Having previously worked as a music journalist he formed the company in 2011 to provide imaginative PR, marketing and developmental support to bands, artists, labels, venues, and promoters across the world. Some of the clients – past and present – include AMFest (Spain), Tee Pee Records and RidingEasy Records (USA), Beastwars (New Zealand), Monolord (Sweden), and Community Music Wales (UK). Richard is also working with Majestic Mountain Records and Suicide Records, on releases from Swedish artists such as Ett Dödens Maskineri, Grand Cadaver and Electric Hydra.