DEVIL’S WITCHES: Enigmatic Cult Rockers Return with Spellbinding New Album | Stream First Offering from IN ALL HER FORMS

“Weird underground heavy metal psych lounge… kinda undefinable. It’s definitely heavy but veers into bubble gummy pop and ’70s lounge music at the drop of a hat. Inspired by drugs, retro filth, and the Vietnam war. It’s like an alternative soundtrack to Apocalypse Now.”

Over five years on from the release of their debut album, Velvet Magic, Devil’s Witches will make a spectacular return this October with the release of In All Her Forms; a twelve-track exploration over four sides of vinyl that will see each entry focusing on themes of ‘Maiden, Mistress, Mother, and Matriarch.’

Teaming up once again with Majestic Mountain Records, who the band worked closely with in 2020 on the release of their limited edition 10″ Record Store Day collectable, Guns, Drugs and Filthy PicturesIn All Her Forms promises to be an expansive and electric offering.

With each theme providing an ongoing narrative that eventually loops back to the beginning ad infinitum, a story will unravel and resolve itself time and time again, before your very eyes and ears. Crafting a self-contained story within the record’s very grooves, as you press deeper into the music, the lyrics, poetry, and thunderous doom on play, don’t be surprised if other less obvious narrative mysteries start to uncover themselves.

From big riffs to haunting ballads and expressive piano instrumentals, Devil’s Witches rarely (if ever) play by the rules. The band was originally founded by the mysterious multi-instrumentalist, Witchdoctor General, but has since gone on to welcome several honorary members into the fold creating one of cult rock’s most enigmatic superpowers.

Available in four vinyl editions/colours – Maiden – Red, Mistress – Black, Mother – Green, and Matriarch – Gold – with stunning artwork, illustrations and photographs shot on location at Holy Island in Northumberland by music and fashion photographer Ian West, In All Her Forms by Devil’s Witches will be released 28th October on Majestic Mountain Records.

Take a listen to the first two tracks from In All Her Forms by Devil’s Witches, via the sublime and spellbinding ‘L’image’ / ‘Successive Slidings of Pleasure,’ here!

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