Debut LP from Scandinavian Death Metal Sect; VÅNDA | Stream ‘WORLD REBORN’ with METAL INJECTION!

Stalking in the footsteps of their recent foray into death metal with the critically acclaimed debut from Grand Cadaver, Stockholm institution, Majestic Mountain Records, unleash a new breed of heavy metal nightmare in VÅNDA.

“Honestly? I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s forty-one minutes of Scandinavian violence and mayhem. Think Tribulation meets Metallica, add a pinch of black metal and you’re probably closer than you were when I started this sentence,” smiles MMR boss, Marco Berg. “It’s insane!”

Hailing from North Sweden and formed in 2017, Vånda’s sprawling and deft death metal heft is a sound to behold. Due for release in September, this thrilling debut is a terrifyingly vivid and unique prospect, heralded by the release of new single, ‘World Reborn’, where pleas and prayers for sanity go largely unanswered under electrifying riffs, HM-2s hardwired through Marshall stacks and rhythmic extremities, brutal in nature.

Covenant of Death will be released 16th September 2022 but you can stream the first single from the album, ‘World Reborn’ with Metal Injection here!

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