Norwegian Trio SAINT KARLOFF Return with New Album and Single on MAJESTIC MOUNTAIN RECORDS

Following the devastating loss of close friend and founding member Ole Sletner in 2019, Norway’s finest return with restorative riffs for heavy hearts!

Norway’s heavy and hard-hitting power trio Saint Karloff return this June with their new album Paleolithic War Crimes on Majestic Mountain Records.

Having first made their mark on the international heavy music scene in 2018 with the release of their debut, All Heed the Black God, the band has continued to raise their game time and time again with far heavier and more psychedelic material. No longer a trio of trying ne’er-do-wells, Saint Karloff is now a fully-fledged triumvirate of progressive occult rock, born out of 70s heavy blues; vintage cabinet shaking vibes and modern-day stoner sounds, indebted to world of today as much as they are the music of yesteryear. As one listen to their new single will attest:

“‘Psychedelic Man’ was among the first songs we worked on following the release of our previous album,” explains guitarist, Mads Melvold. “It’s a hard-hitting tune to head bang to, and one for these strange and challenging times we all find ourselves a part of.”

Shortly after the release of their last Majestic Mountain Records-approved album, Interstellar Voodoo, the band was dealt a crushing blow with news that founding bassist Ole Sletner had sadly lost his long battle with cancer. When the writing process for Paleolithic War Crimes began back in 2019 Ole was still very much onboard and naturally his presence continues to reverberate across all frequencies with those who knew him best. None more so perhaps than with Ole’s brother Eivind, who now joins the band as lyricist and designer.

“Ole’s passing was and still is devastating, but after some time the two of us found the motivation and desire to continue and finish what we had started. In many ways this new album reflects a band in transition and exploring new paths, but at the same time it retains that proper heavy Karloff-vibe.”

With the addition of Jointhugger’s multi-instrumentalist Nico Munkvold handling live bass duties, Paleolithic War Crimes by Saint Karloff is released on 2nd June 2023 on Majestic Mountain Records and on cassette via Evil Noise Recordings.

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