Polish Black Metal Pagans VARMIA Return with Visceral New Album and Video | Check Out ‘DAINA 4’ Now!

Paying tribute to their Baltic pagan roots, the Olsztyn quartet return to the black metal fold with an impious mix of traditional, ancient, and dark metallurgy in the video for new single ‘DAINA 4’, premiering here via Black Metal Promotion!

Following on from the success of their Prolog EP at the start of the year, M-Theory Audio is thrilled to announce the worldwide release of nie nas widzę, the fourth album from black metal pagans, Varmia.

Originally formed in Olsztyn by composer Lasota, Varmia has carried the torch for instrumental alchemy in their native Poland since 2016. Fusing together black metal with archaic influences ranging from Baltic folk to music from the historical region of Warmia, the resultant sound is as compelling as it is progressive.

Employing traditional ethnic instrumentation in the form of the tagelharpa, goat horn, wood tuba and krivula, the quartet create visceral and dark metal landscapes that are both sonically and technically enthralling. Channelling the powerful spirit of early-Enslaved and Satyricon with the elemental folk that has come to shape acts such as Wardruna and Heilung, nie nas widzę is the sound of a band at the height of their musical powers.

“This is by far our most conscientious attempt to honour those ancient Baltic beliefs,” explains Lasota. “To tell a cohesive story of our forefathers’ lost ways. We cannot see what has been eradicated a long time ago. We can only carry on the hate for such a state of history. This album is a story about the cult of Fire-Sun and Moon-Water. Four pieces that create the very centre of pagan universe. Here’s how these elements materialized into sound on our land. On Warmia.”

Having spent nearly a year and half producing the music for nie nas widzę, this massive undertaking once again found the band dividing their time and effort across several remote, culturally significant locations in Poland. From dungeon-cellars and barns to medieval castles and field recordings, traversing all four seasons, the album’s natural evolution is reflected in both concept and construction and is perhaps best showcased on new single, ‘DAINA 4’.

“We created four anthems that are the heart of the record. Their titles have capital letters. ‘DAINA 4’ is the fourth from the section dedicated to the cult of Water. But each of these four songs have an invocative, spell-like character. What happens before and after each is very important, but you will have to find out why on your own.”

Varmia’s nie nas widzę is released 16th June 2023 on M-Theory Audio and can be pre-ordered here.

Infernalis Resurgentis Tour 2023 (with Hate and Arkona and more)

13th April – Łódź – Klubopiwiarnia
14th April – Gdynia – Ucho
15th April – Siedlce – Pub Lemmy
16th April – Ostrów Wielkopolski – Stara Przepompownia
20th April – Toruń – Nrd
21st April – Koszalin – 105 CK
22nd April – Szczecin – Kosmos
23rd April – Zielona Góra – Kawon

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