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New Zealand sludge metallers BEASTWARS to Reissue Albums via GRANITE HOUSE RECORDS

BEASTWARS - Blood Becomes Fire - Promo - Beastwars2013L Credit David James

“Beastwars play stoner metal fixated on the cosmos, with riffs carved from chunks of asteroids. An earthquake-sludge, psychedelic trip to another world, another time. A whole universe is created from suffocating, smog-like guitars and roaring vocals.”

Tight To The Nail

“Bludgeoning, catchy… Beastwars leave an immediate, lasting impression. This is far too good to be limited to just Down Under.”
MSN Metal

Having always been appreciative of the support given to them by their diehard fans, New Zealand’s loudest sons have announced that this June they are teaming up with Granite House Records to reissue their 2011 debut Beastwars, and last year’s acclaimed follow up Blood Becomes Fire worldwide.

With original pressings already commanding high figures among collectors of rare heavy metal vinyl, not only are these reissues welcomed news for anyone who missed out first time around, they will gives new fans a chance to discover the band’s one and only maxim: Obey The Riff.

In 2011, Beastwars released their self-titled debut to critical acclaim and in doing so transformed New Zealand’s music scene. Landing at #15 on the national charts, the band found themselves shortlisted for the Taite Music Prize and was twice nominated at the 2011 New Zealand Music Awards, winning Best Album Artwork via Nick Keller’s otherworldly landscapes. Reviewers celebrated the album’s, “slow-burning furnace of bass-trawling riffage” (The Sleeping Shaman) as well as its distinctive blend of lysergic and premonitory metal that compared the band to Kyuss, Neurosis and Godflesh, while hinting at influences as distinctive as The Jesus Lizard, Black Sabbath, and in Hyde’s ‘avant-grunt’, Celtic Frost. Music that at its very core channels a colossal mood filtered to a point where, “every wail, every riff, every bass thump and every cymbal crash serves to remind you that this is enigmatic and darkened metal, straight from the murky heart of the Antipodes.” (

Two years on from their internationally acclaimed debut, Beastwars returned in 2013 with Blood Becomes Fire. The album charted at #2 on the NZ charts (held off the top spot by Michel Bublé) and delivered ten songs retaining all the strength and psychedelic fire of their first while presenting a powerful evolution in vision. Where Beastwars’ first album conjured tales of the end of days, it’s successor served as witness to the ensuing carnage, viewed through the eyes of a traveller from another time, as he faced his own demise. Blood Becomes Fire is a work of epic imagination that explores eternal themes and hammers each home with concussive force.

Thanks to a new partnership with the Denver, Colorado-based label Granite House Records (United States) and Rocket (Australia) both Beastwars and Blood Becomes Fire will once again be available. A preorder of unique/limited edition vinyl pressings are currently available from the band’s website

Beastwars and Blood Becomes Fire will get an official worldwide rerelease on 9th June 2014 via Destroy Records/Granite House Records.

Live Dates:
1st May 2014 – Dux Live, Christchurch
23rd May 2014 – Cherry Bar, Melbourne (vinyl launch party)
25th  May 2014 – Cherry Rock, AC/DC Lane, Melbourne (with The Meat Puppets)
31st May 2014 – Cherry Rock, Factory Theatre, Sydney (with The Meat Puppets and Brant Bjork)

Clayton Anderson – Guitar
Nathan Hickey – Drums
Matt Hyde – Vocals
James Woods – Bass

When I Am King (2010) digital single [Destroy Records]
Beastwars (2011 NZ, Australia and Europe; 2012 USA and Canada) [Destroy Records]
Tower of Skulls (2012) 7-inch [Destroy Records]
Blood Becomes Fire (2013) [Destroy Records]

Granite House Records:
Web –
Twitter –
Facebook –
Instagram – @granitehouselps


HORNSS – No Blood, No Sympathy (EasyRider Records, 13/05/2014)


“This is a collection of songs that pay tribute to the greats of Stoner Rock, while standing thunderously groovy on their own. Definitely worth checking out if you have an appreciation for Rock ’n’ Roll.”

CVLT Nation

“No Blood, No Sympathy takes great and efficient pleasure in crossing the line between heavy rock and metal. Rolling groove with gnarled-distortion, it portrays the crossover punk roots of early thrash with a modern twist of fuzz and satisfying runs of bass.”
The Obelisk

Unlike some who are content to adopt that desert sound, San Franciscan trio HORNSS were born into it. Moulded by it from the very beginning in the case of members Mike Moracha and Nick Nava, who originally got their start in the Palm Springs band Solarfeast alongside ex-Kyuss/Evolution’s End member Chris Cockrell.

Formed in 2010 with a line-up completed by drummer Bil Bowman (formerly of Zodiac Killers, blackQueen and Scrog) HORNSS have taken to the stage in support of Fatso Jetson, Naam, Windhand, YOB and The Freeks and are every inch the band you’d hope they would be given the ancestry, influence and arid air that forged their formation.

Thanks to the LA based label EasyRider Records, this May the trio will have a debut album to call their own. Recorded at Earhammer Studios in Oakland with Greg Wilkinson, if you were sold on the strutting doom groove of their demo The Red Death then No Blood, No Sympathy is going to blow your mind and then some. Drawing on influences such as Hawkwind, St. Vitus and The Ramones HORNSS deliver devastating doom, death punk fury (both Mike and Nick were also founding members of San Fran punk band The Jack Saints), stoned out meanderings and crushing desert progressions that will strike a chord no matter where your allegiances lie.

The band take to the road throughout August/September for a European tour in support of their debut album No Blood, No Sympathy, which will be released via EasyRider Records on 13th May.

Track listing:
1. The Red Death (4:26)
2. Troubled Rose (2:01)
3. Maker Of The Moons (3:00)
4. Heir To The Pickle Throne
5. War Gods Of The Deep (3:41)
6. Graceless And Aged (1:50)
7. Ejaculation Of Serpents (3:50)
8. Haunter of the Dark (4:11)
9. Debreeding (2:15)
10. Arzach (3:02)
11. Below the Root (2:20)
12. Vine Priest (2:20)

Label: EasyRider Records
Formats: LP/Digital/CD
Instagram: @hornssband

Mike Moracha – Guitar, Vocals
Nick Nava – Bass, Vocals
Bil Bowman – Drums

European Tour:
29th August – Utrecht @ ACU (Netherlands)
30th August – Siegen @ Vortex Musikclub (Germany)
5th September – Linz @ Ann And Pat (Austria)
6th September – Feldkirch @ Graf Hugo (Austria)
12th September – Ilirska Bistrica @ MKNZ (Slovenia)
20th September  – Kortrijk @ The Pits (Belgium)
21st September – Tilburg @ INCUBATE FESTIVAL (Netherlands)

EasyRider Records:
Formed in 2013 out of the sleepy beach town of Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles, EasyRider Records is dedicated to unearthing the finest in heavy psych, doom, stoner and rock music. Products include limited edition runs of vinyl and cassettes with creative packaging and the label has ten bands currently signed to its roster; Electric Citizen, Salem’s Pot, Slow Season, Albino Python, Sons of Huns, Black Prism, Old Man’s Will (US only), Monolord, Shooting Guns and Spiral Shades. EasyRider Records has also secured the exclusive rights to cassette releases by Sleep, Witchcraft, Kadavar, Graveyard, Valfader, FUZZ and Orchid, with more titles to come.

Twitter – @easyriderrecord
Instagram – @easyriderrecord


Space Chaser – Watch The Skies (This Charming Man Records, 05/05/14)

This May sees the release of Space Chaser’s highly anticipated debut album Watch The Skies via the Muenster based record label This Charming Man Records.

Formed in 2011 through a shared appreciation of Anthrax, Metallica and Agent Steel – along with a liking for hi-top sneakers, skateboards, zombies and cheap booze – the Berlin based quintet have since built an impressive following around their no nonsense approach to banging heads, necking bottles and starting parties in the dearth of good parties. As witnessed earlier this month when the band took their wares to the world with an exclusive video premiere of ‘Wastecrawler’ on Terrorizer.

Now a staple of Germany’s tight knit thrash scene the band originally came to the attention of This Charming Man Records who included ‘Thrashold’ on their This Charming Man Radio Distortion Broadcast compilation.

Their debut album Watch The Skies incorporates two rerecorded songs from last year’s Decapitron EP (the EP title track and now LP title track ‘Watch The Skies’), ‘Thrashold’ and seven brand new tracks. Every pinched harmonic a winner for fans of the genre whether the band is keeping the tradition alive or just doing their own thing is anyone’s guess but one thing is for sure, Space Chaser are far from being your average Germanic/Teutonic thrash metal throwback. Produced by Harris Johns (Sepultura, Sodom) this is a record that oozes a snotty charisma and one that is packed with hook after hook of amphetamine-fuelled anarchy. It’s a record about alien invasions, hazardous waste and modern day maschinenmenschs rolled out against a backdrop of excellent riffs, rhythmic guitar duels, wailing vocals and chemically peddled drum fills.

Fans of Destruction, DRI, Tankard, Exodus and Overkill will do well to listen up. Make no mistake, Space Chaser are out to tear fair-weather metallers a new one so get on side or get out of their way. Watch The Skies will be released in the UK on 5th May 2014, and throughout the rest of Europe on 12th April.

Space Chaser:
Siegfried Rudzynski – Vocals
Sebastian Kerlikowski – Bass, Vocals
Matthias Scheuerer – Drums
Martin Hochsattel – Lead Guitar
Leo Schacht – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Track listing:
1. Interstellar Overloads (3:30)
2. Loaded To The Top
3. Watch The Skies
4. Saucer Attack
5. Waster Crawler
6. Space Chaser
8. Predator
10. Undead Revenge

Label: This Charming Man Records
Formats:  LP/Digital/CD

This Charming Man Records:
This Charming Man Records is an independent label based in Muenster, Germany that has released albums by Kadavar, The Tidal Sleep, Mountain Witch, Die Nerven, Messer and more. For more information visit

Instagram – @thischarmingmanrecords

Salem’s Pot – …lurar ut dig på prärien (EasyRider Records, 29/04/14)

Salem’s Pot
…lurar ut dig på prärien (LP)
EasyRider Records
Release Date: 29 April 2014

“Haunting tunes, resin-coated riffs and grooves that will expand the lungs so far you’ll cough and get off. I’m getting the feeling this shit might even be soul-stealing.”
The Sludgelord

“It’s like a Hammer House Of Horror psychotic death trip through the mind of Aleister Crowley. Dark, groovy and to the uninitiated fantastically creepy.”
Ride With The Devil

Sweden’s band of blood drunkards Salem’s Pot return this April to consecrate their union with the LA based label EasyRider Records with a follow up to last year’s Watch Me Kill You.

Following in the footsteps of the sprawling and self-indulgent jam albums of the early 1970s, over three tracks of swirling heavy psych …lurar ut dig på prärien offers the listener little chance of escape. Summoning the writhing sounds of demon fuzz and distant death knells the opening swell of ‘Creep Purple’, a 14 minute purge of lo-fi garage metal riffs and lysergic comedown finds Salem’s Pot setting out their stall from which to peddle the darkest of doom.

Loose, low slung and inspired by the legends of Sabbath and the extended jams of Hawkwind ‘Dr Death’ and the pounding ‘Nothing Hill’ complete the unholy trinity of tracks replete with lyrics that propel the listener into worlds unknown. Atmospheric realms populated with weed and witches in a reality as miserable and malevolent as it mind-bending and majestic.

To hear the track in full visit

Salem’s Pot:
Mentor Mike – Organ, Cult Leader
Nateonomicon – Guitar, Accordion, Howls
Pre-historic Pete – Bass, Howls
The Eagle – Drums, Percussion, Shruti-box

EasyRider Records
Formed in 2013 out of the sleepy beach town of Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles, EasyRider Records is dedicated to unearthing the finest in heavy psych, doom, stoner and heavy rock. Products include limited edition runs of vinyl and cassettes with creative packaging and the label has ten bands currently signed to its roster; Salem’s PotSlow SeasonAlbino PythonSons of HunsBlack PrismOld Man’s Will (US only), MonolordShooting Guns and Spiral Shades. EasyRider Records has also secured the exclusive rights to cassette releases by SleepWitchcraftKadavarGraveyardValfaderFUZZ and Orchid with more titles to come.

Official Site –
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Twitter – @easyriderrecord
Instagram – @easyriderrecord
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